Why Pharmacies Should Be Using Therigy

Matthew Malachowski, PharmD, BCPS & Supervisor, Specialty Pharmacy Services at UAB Medicine discusses why pharmacies should be using Therigy.



My pharmacy utilizes Therigy because it provides a partnership for our patient data service needs. I am not just looking for a checkbox for accreditation purposes, I need to understand officially, effectively the data that is accumulated through the care of our patients. I need to do that as officially as possible to not waste pharmacy resources. Therigy gives us the opportunity to partner with a team that allows us to mold the platform to our purposes, to our patient needs, and in the direction our facility wishes to grow. It provides clinical information, clinical support, and patient safety functions so that our practitioners have extra information at their disposal when they are physically interaction with, or, when they are actually interacting with a patient to ensure that they have all the information at their disposal to make an educated and complete decision. Therigy allows me to take all of that data, all of those patient interactions, and compile it into an easy-to-understand and actionable report that I can then take to both my front line staff and my leadership team to explain the patient journey, explain the [productivity] and the value of our team, and explain where we need to go next. Without Therigy none of that would be possible.

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