Scale your pharmacy for growth, control costs, proactively manage your patients, and prove patient outcomes with TherigySTM’s robust reporting tool, TherigyInsights. 



Interactive Business Intelligence

Patient-driven reports and business insights for your pharmacy.

A single source of truth for all of your patient therapy management data.

View TherigySTM data (patient therapy management reports, pharmacy user statistics, outcomes data and more) within TherigyInsights.  



Pre-built, easy-to-use dashboards developed with your pharmacy in mind. 

TherigyInsights provides pre-built analytical templates to move you from data to dashboard in minutes, empowering you to make decisions and take action quickly.

Build dynamic reports in seconds. 

The flexible interface enables you to give your pharmacy the opportunity to build reports on your own. Drag and drop data points make it easy to find the answers you need.

Schedule, export and share your dashboards with others.  

Schedule reports to be sent to you and your team via email daily, weekly, or monthly in various formants such as PDF, visualization, or CSV.


Tell a Story with Your Data

TherigyInsights is a business intelligence tool that delivers a summary of data that you can drill into each report to understand what is happening.  Data-rich visualizations and drillable content are right at your finger tips.   


Pharmacy Report Directory

Click on the tiles below to learn more about dashboards and how they can help you grow your pharmacy and prove outcomes.

Active Patient Enrollment

Report on care opt-ins and care opt-outs as part of data reporting requirements for obtaining and maintaining accreditations.

Active Patient Enrollment

Patient Satisfaction Survey Dashboard

Analyze the impact of patient satisfaction programs at your pharmacy, explore how scores change over time, and investigate how different realms of service contribute to a patient’s satisfaction score.

Patient Satisfaction Survey Dashboard

Rx Journey

Evaluate trends of new vs historical mixes of medications and compare total # of patients with new medications by therapeutic category, medication, and more.


Staff Productivity - Time Spent

Trend staff workload over time; find optimal levels of staffing and activity for your patients; and ensure patients are receiving the necessary care over time.

staff productivity - time spent

Staff Productivity - PCC and Clinical Activities in Progress

Identify highly productive teams and individuals; diagnose why activities are open longer than expected; and trend workload and productivity to identify areas requiring additional attention.

staff productivity- pcc and clinical activities in progress

Missed Call Attempts

Analyze the number of missed calls at your pharmacy and explore factors possibly contributing to the volume of missed calls.

missed call attempts

Referral Manager Summary

Your control center for referrals to ensure patients receive medications promptly and understand the reasons behind referral No Go's and prior authorization denials.

referral manager summary

Referral Manager Working

Monitor the status of open referrals; identify and address overdue activities to keep referral on track; and analyze average age of open referrals.

referral manager working


Identify patients who are experiencing poor quality of life; study how quality of life has changed over time for specific patients;
and dig deeper into status of key segments of your patient population by medication, age, therapeutic category and more.


Adverse Drug Events

Monitor trends in the severity and volume of adverse events to create follow-up strategies and take action.

Adverse Drug events

Clinical Interventions

Account for the volume and workload of clinical staff; identify trends to aid in planning to scale and expand these activities; and calculate an ROI for clinical services.

clinical interventions


Stratify self-reported adherence levels to identify patients in need of extra care.


Missed Doses Report

Ensure non-adherent patients are receiving timely follow-ups; monitor trends in number of reported missed doses and non-adherence reason;
and combine missed dose reasons with PDC and MPR metrics to diagnose the overall effectiveness of your adherence program.

missed doses report

Physician Support

Communicate with a patient’s external care team about a patient’s history and current status.

physician support

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TherigyInsights is an evolutionary improvement to our pharmacy.  It functions as a dashboard to monitor pharmacy and patient performance and also serves as a tool to neatly organize, present, and analyze data.  This allows me to make meaningful decisions that can immediately have a positive impact on our patients' lives.

- Justin Campbell, PharmD, UC Health


“TherigyInsights is powerful and capable.  We're very pleased.”

- Matthew Lyons, UVA Specialty Pharmacy


“TherigyInsights made my day!!!  Data is beyond powerful.  The charts and graphs within TherigyInsights measures our team’s impact on patient care and allows us to analyze the data for improvement in workflow. We can identify which metrics are consistent with trends, patient demographics or specific therapy-related to improve patient care and achieve clinical excellence.  I am looking forward to using this more and more everyday. Very impressed thus far.

Kate Smullen, PharmD, CSP – Shields Health Solutions

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