Track and Prove Your Pharmacy's Value with TherigySTM's Robust Reporting Tool

Prove Pharmacy Value

Team Productivity

Patient Retention

Monitor Patient's Journey

Prove Pharmacy Value

Monitor and report on your team's activity performing interventions that improve the lives of patients.


Manage Team Productivity

Quickly make staffing decisions based on activity trends and growth.


Improve Patient Retention

Monitor your patients' discontinuation reasons to address patient patient retention and improve quality of care.

Gain Insight into Your Patient's Journey

Help diagnose challenges, rescue patients, and quickly evaluate the patient case/care history.


"TherigyInsights and the team at Therigy has helped my institution convert and validate manual and labor intensive reporting processes into automated dashboards and snapshots which we are using to better understand our pharmacy operations and clinical impact."


- Matt Malachowski, PharmD, BCPS, UAB Medicine

TherigyInsights is an evolutionary improvement to our pharmacy.  It functions as a dashboard to monitor pharmacy and patient performance and also serves as a tool to neatly organize, present, and analyze data.  This allows me to make meaningful decisions that can immediately have a positive impact on our patients' lives.” 

- Justin Campbell, PharmD, UC Health

“TherigyInsights is powerful and capable.  We're very pleased.”

- Matthew Lyons, UVA Specialty Pharmacy

“TherigyInsights made my day!!!  Data is beyond powerful.  The charts and graphs within TherigyInsights measures our team’s impact on patient care and allows us to analyze the data for improvement in workflow. We can identify which metrics are consistent with trends, patient demographics or specific therapy-related to improve patient care and achieve clinical excellence.  I am looking forward to using this more and more everyday. Very impressed thus far.

- Kate Smullen, PharmD, CSP – Shields Health Solutions