Therigy's Health System Symposium 2019

August 1-2, 2019

Two Day Symposium Designed Specifically for
Therigy's Health System Customers


Therigy hosted it’s first annual customer symposium on August 1st and 2nd, 2019 in Orlando FL.  The 2019 Symposium was designed specifically for Therigy’s Health System customers including pharmacy directors, managers, staff pharmacists, and healthcare data analysts from prestigious Academic Health Systems, Regional Health Systems and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs).

The two day symposium featured workshops designed to gain insights and collaborate on industry challenges.  Featured workshops on August 1st  included scaling your business to access payor networks and limited distribution drugs, therapy management program best practices, growth priorities, disease state expansions, accreditation and standards of care.  Featured workshops on August 2nd focused on reporting patient outcomes and the true value of pharmacy services and quality initiatives. 

Pharmacy Times, an online resource and bimonthly journal serving the business and practice of pharmaceuticals and therapy, reported daily on Therigy’s 2019 Symposium articles below. 

Can You Scale For It: Considerations in Health-System Specialty Pharmacy Growth

Overcoming Funding, Staffing Challenges Amid Rapid Growth in Health System Specialty Pharmacy

Does Your Data Tell a Story: Translating Data Reporting in Specialty Pharmacy

A short video of each workshop is being produced.  Click each link below to gain access to the workshop video. 

Workshop A: Key Insights As You Grow Your Pharmacy

Workshop A Video

Workshop B: Optimize Patient Care                       

Workshop B Video

Workshop C: Improving/Growing Your Specialty Pharmacy Through Data and Reporting

Workshop C Video

Workshop D: True Value of Outcomes and Quality Initiatives 

Workshop D Video  



Below is an agenda of the recent conference completed. 


Wednesday, July 31

Meet and Greet Mixer at Wine Bar George

Food and wine pairing experience with a Master Sommelier



Thursday, August 1st

Key Insights As You Grow Your Pharmacy

Pharmacy Operations
  • Strategies to Growing Your Pharmacy
  • Defining What Growth Looks Like for Your Pharmacy
  • Obtaining Access to LDN
  • Meeting and Measuring KPIs
  • Reporting Needs/Metrics Reporting

Gain access to the workshop video the second week of August:

Workshop A Video


Optimize Patient Care 

Clinical Insights

  • Specialty Best Practices
  • TherigySTM Beyond Accreditation 
  • Understanding Levels of Patient Care

Gain access to the workshop video the second week of August:

Workshop B Video


Evening Event - Dinner at Moor

Key West-inspired dining experience within the Gaylord Palms Resort



Friday, August 2nd

Improving/Growing Your Specialty Pharmacy through Data and Reporting

Reporting and Data
  • ReviewTherigyInsights
  • Outcomes Reports
  • Future Reporting

Gain access to the workshop video the second week of August:

Workshop C Video


The True Value of Outcomes and Quality Initiatives

  • Value of Outcomes Reporting 
  • Building a Peer to Peer Outcomes Network
  • Patient Reported Outcomes 
  • Next Generation Outcomes Projects 

Gain access to the workshop video the second week of August:

Workshop D Video

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