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Get the guidance and support you need for all business stages: from strategic and capital planning, to design, development, and the complete build-out of specialty pharmacies.

As the leading provider of specialty pharmacy consulting services, we’ve been engaged by a diverse set of clients, including PBMs, payers, health systems, and independent specialty pharmacies.

In addition to our core consulting specialties, Therigy’s pharmacy consulting practice can help you with:

  • Operational build-out
  • Therapy management program development
  • Full operational build-outs
  • Assistance with URAC, ACHC, and CPPA accreditation
  • Policy and procedure implementations
  • And much more


See Our Expertise in Action: A Small Cross Section of Capabilities

Therigy meets each client’s unique project needs by drawing on the extensive experience of our subject matter expert consultants. Our collective knowledge base, combined with the practical application of best practices, and a keen understanding of past and future trends, achieves the greatest economic and clinical success for our clients. 

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Subject matter experts have helped the following projects achieve success:

PBM-owned Specialty Pharmacy Enterprise System Implementation

A national specialty pharmacy contacted Therigy to support the selection and implementation of an enterprise-wide pharmacy system. For the project, Therigy performed the following:

  • Staffed the project team with Therigy subject matter experts and client personnel
  • Organized cross functional work streams
  • Provided overall project management, detailed project planning, and issue management
  • Documented the system design, configuration, integration, and reporting requirements
  • Developed the therapy management logic and scripting
  • Developed testing plans and executed testing scripts
  • Supported the design integration and installation of pharmacy automation technology
PBM-owned Specialty Pharmacy Build-out

A large PBM contacted Therigy to build out its specialty pharmacy operation. For the project, Therigy performed the following:

  • Developed the five-year financial model and business plan
  • Staffed the project team with one Therigy principal and five Therigy subject matter experts
  • Provided overall project management and support, including the organization of fourteen work-streams, detailed project planning, and issue management
  • Completed process flow analysis and development of standard operating procedures and work instructions
  • Developed staffing models, built job descriptions, and established performance expectations
  • Documented pharmacy system design, configuration, integration, and reporting requirements
  • Developed the therapy management logic and scripting for 40 clinical assessments
  • Developed testing plans and executed testing scripts
  • Collaborated on facility design and provided day-to-day supervision of building construction
  • Developed the design and managed the installation of automation technology
  • Developed and provided training programs for all staff
Payer-owned Specialty Pharmacy Development

A new specialty pharmacy owned by a national health plan engaged Therigy to provide operational support. For the project, Therigy performed the following:

  • Assisted in the design of a new facility
  • Developed and conducted disease and drug-specific training for all clinical and non-clinical staff
  • Defined the service offerings to support the health plan’s clinical and financial goals
  • Provided interim leadership for the billing and reimbursement department
  • Developed a standalone high-touch pharmacy team to support complex therapies
  • On-boarded and managed approximately 250 hemophilia patients
PBM Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation

A national PBM’s specialty pharmacy engaged Therigy to achieve accreditation through three different organizations. It is noteworthy that most specialty pharmacies are challenged to achieve accreditation from a single accrediting organization; due to business requirements, it was necessary for this organization to achieve accreditation through all three simultaneously. For the project, Therigy performed the following:

  • Staffed the project team with two subject matter experts
  • Conducted an internal performance audit to prepare the Preliminary Evidence Report (PER) for ACHC
  • Established the Program Management Office (PMO) with client and Therigy co-leads. PMO deployed tools to work streams for gap analysis against accreditation standards, project planning and reporting, issues management, and communications to stakeholders
  • Developed detailed project plans to cover all three accreditations
  • Organized the weekly meetings of the PMO and project team
  • Conducted mock survey in preparation for official survey
  • Supported the PMO and the project leadership and successfully achieved:
  • HQAA for DMEPOS accreditation
  • ACHC accreditation of the central specialty pharmacy and all pharmacy branches
  • JCAHO accreditation of a pharmacy branch
Payer-owned Specialty Pharmacy Quality Review

In a second phase of work, a payor-owned specialty pharmacy engaged Therigy for a comprehensive review of its quality functions and performance. In this phase of work, Therigy accomplished the following:

  • Performed a comprehensive Quality Audit and Operations Review
  • Redesigned and re-engineered the Quality Management program to streamline the data capture process and increase staff accountability
  • Led internal QI Team to rewrite all internal policies and standard operating procedures to conform with regulatory and accreditation standards
  • Collaborated with internal six sigma team to reduce work queues, eliminate bottlenecks, and improve throughput and accuracy of the referral and order management processes

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