Meet The Team

Kristin Martin, RN, BSN

Director, Clinical Development

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Kristin Martin, Therigy’s Director of Clinical Development, is responsible for the clinical content in Therigy STM, ensuring timely release of new assessments, drug information and teaching points for new medications, FDA safety updates to existing content, and ongoing content quality improvement initiatives.  She manages the clinical development specialists and configuration/protocol specialists to ensure a smooth process for the design, content development, configuration, quality checks, and release of content into Therigy STM.  She prioritizes new medications and updates for clinical team design while balancing client’s customization requests and pharmaceutical company collaboration requests to maintain an effective development schedule that benefits the majority of Therigy’s customers.  Kristin contributes as a clinical SME to outcomes and reporting projects. She reviews new drug or disease state requests and maintains Therigy’s medication lists, adding new drugs and removing discontinued ones with each monthly clinical release.


Kristin has 12 years of Specialty Pharmacy experience.  Before joining Therigy in 2014, Kristin designed pharmacy care management assessments, patient education materials, and managed a team of 22 Specialty Care Management nurses throughout the U.S. and offshore for a large payor.  She led the expansion of the team and its clinical programs and guided the clinicians through migration of the programs onto a new technology system.  She also held previous roles in Specialty Pharmacy operations and as an RN in a large pediatric hospital.


Kristin received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Florida in 2005.  She earned certification in Motivational Interviewing to improve patient engagement, as well as a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certificate.