Meet The Team

Jejett Miller

Director, Customer Success

Jejett headshot.png

Jejett, Director of Customer Success, is responsible for our customers’ experience and loyalty with our patient management software solution, TherigySTM. She oversees the software implementation, customer success managers and technical support teams which consists of successful implementing the use of the software into pharmacies, dedicated account manager customer service interactions to create positive experiences and solution-oriented professionals to support any issues our customers have. 


Jejett previously was Manager of Pharma Services where she was an integral team member in development and delivery of consulting services to pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors.

With more than 15 years of healthcare and specialty program implementation and management experience, having held positions supporting pharma manufacturer services for specialty focused organizations within Express Scripts — including CuraScript Specialty Distribution and United BioSource Corporation (UBC), she managed multiple, complex, pharma product launch/re-launch program implementations including REMS, reimbursement, co-pay management, specialty pharmacy, distribution, 3PL, and clinical management programs.