Single Sign-On

for TherigySTMTM


Access TherigySTM Quickly, Simply, and Securely

Easily integrate with your company's managed identity provider as exclusive means to access TherigySTM.

What is SSO?

Therigy provides software solutions to its customers under the Software as a Service Model (SaaS).  Single Sign-On (SSO) is a simple way to tie together proper user authentication and application access; and enable proper privacy controls. One ID and password authenticates the user for all required applications, such as prescription orders and patient records. SSO eliminates the need for health practitioners to remember multiple passwords, while retaining a high level of security for each application.

Your Data is Our Concern

Protection of our customers’ data and the availability of our systems is Therigy’s number one priority and critical to Therigy’s and our customers’ success. Therigy’s software solutions are developed with a primary focus on security, privacy, and compliance. 

Therigy hosts its solution with Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS has been selected for its proven scalability to meet customer demands, and AWS’s commitment to security that includes building data centers and solution offerings that meet the most stringent security requirements of customers, including the United States Government and the Department of Defense. 

Enhance Your Productivity

Enhance Your

  • Securely access TherigySTM with your same company credentials
  • Seamless authentication 
  • No more hassling to remember a password
Increased Security


  • User credentials stored within your company's identity provider database
  • Manage your users directly from your pharmacy
  • Reduced potential areas for breaches
Enable SSO with TherigySTM

Quick Steps to Enable SSO with TherigySTM

  • Provide Therigy with an entry point and Single Sign-On Server
  • Map users to permission groups

Currently, we support SAML2, however, TherigySTM can accommodate other versions. Just let us know.

Bring your pharmacy an added layer of security and ease of use for your workday.


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