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Blog: User Experience Trends in Specialty Pharmacy Management Software

Operating and managing a specialty pharmacy involves a myriad of moving parts. From patient intake to outcome measurement, each patient’s care plan will vary in needs and complexity. The demand is amplified when one takes into account hundreds – or thousands – of patients, along with the pharmacists, clinicians, managers, and administrative staff needed to oversee and collaborate on each step of the process.

To ensure that operations are organized, streamlined, and that patients are receiving the best possible care, specialty pharmacy solutions must be clear, functional, and intuitive for users across all technology experience and skill levels.

State-of-the-art platforms have started to design and integrate key functionalities that meet the evolving needs of users while taking into account the over-arching goal of simplifying and fortifying the operational process for specialty pharmacies.

User Experience Trends blog-02

Dashboard Overview Segmentation

Dashboard overview features have become a staple of technology platforms in the 21st century, and specialty pharmacy management software is no exception. The “bird’s eye view” of overview capabilities gives users powerful insights into how a specialty pharmacy is performing in real-time, prior to drilling down into more specific sets of information.

Segmentation of this information helps to create a meaningful experience for all end-users, such as categorizing information based on activities performed, activities needed, and the nature and progress of organizational functions related to these activities.

Timelines, Reminders, and Automatic Updates

When specialty pharmacies rely on the antiquated systems associated with manual, siloed data management, the opportunity for human error grows. Deadlines may be missed, patients and tasks may slip through the cracks, and new applications and warnings may fail to be integrated into care plans in a timely manner.

Top specialty therapy management platforms stride to minimize these inconsistencies that so often accompany a bustling and growing organization. These diversified efforts may take many forms, including dashboard and patient profile reminders, visualized timelines, and automatic integrations that keep up with a constantly-evolving industry.

User Experience Trends blog-03Pre-Defined, Customizable Workflows and Assessments

Workflows and assessments are the backbone of daily operations. However, many pharmacies and hospital systems struggle with maintaining consistency and reliability across the various tasks and requirements that arise.

Specialty pharmacy management platforms focus on workflows as a pillar of the organization, offering tools that assist users in building ideal, industry-standard workflows while having the critical ability to customize and edit as needed based on stakeholder, patient, and system.

When assessments are optimized, the workflow is automated and all channels and users are integrated seamlessly and intuitively, team members can easily flow through operations without the burden of manually assigning the next task. As a result, specialty pharmacies see improved performance with fewer errors and quicker turnaround times.

Medication Adherence Monitoring Tools

Specialty pharmacies operate with one fundamental goal: to maintain the best possible outcomes and quality of life for patients. Despite constant efforts from the healthcare realm, nonadherence still costs the U.S. nearly $100 billion each year.

To continue the struggle against nonadherence and the fight for better health outcomes, specialty pharmacy platforms have begun to incorporate tools that help to monitor an individual patient’s adherence to their care plan, such as recurring refill assessments and therapy discontinuation surveys. Built-in risk scoring and outcome measurement capabilities help to trigger clinical interventions when patients exhibit warning signs.

As specialty pharmacy platforms continue to hone and develop these tools, the industry sees an incredible potential to improve outcomes and minimize the economic and social burdens of nonadherence.

Therapy Management for the 21st Century

Technological and scientific advances are creating a world of opportunities for the specialty pharmacy industry. To truly harness the nature and scope of these unique opportunities, therapy management software must adapt to changing information and trends in user needs.

If your specialty pharmacy is ready for a technology that adapts and evolves just as quickly, learn more about TherigySTM, Therigy’s innovative solution geared toward maximizing operational efficiency and patient outcomes while minimizing the daily to-do list.