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Blog: TherigySTM Hepatitis B (HBV) Outreach

TherigySTM™'s Hepatitis B (HBV) module, has some great benefits and features. The care plan helps customers:

  • Extend your specialty pharmacy’s therapy management capabilities—and business— to patients who suffer from Hepatitis B
  • Keep your patients’ clinical care information up to date, saving you valuable time and staffing resources
  • Standardize care, allowing you to produce any necessary reporting and track patients through their course of therapy
  • Provide individualized care plans

TherigySTM does all of the legwork for your organization and ensures that information and protocols are always up to date. This represents a large efficiency and cost savings because you would otherwise need to assign an employee to keep information and protocols up to date.

To learn more about how Therigy can help your specialty pharmacy better manage drug therapies and clinical needs, contact us for a guided tour of the TherigySTM platform.