Blog: The Pursuit of Excellence - Implementing an Integrated High Performing Specialty Pharmacy Model

By Joseph Morse, President, Therigy 

As the specialty pharmacy industry has grown, the challenges experienced by physicians and practitioners have become more complex and include:

  • High administrative workload on clinic staff
  • Navigating insurance coverage for patients
  • Disconnected communication across payers, pharmacies, and providers
  • Delays in patients starting critical medication

How do you, as a leader in your specialty pharmacy, overcome these challenges, and begin to develop an integrated model that is high performing?

Development of Integrated Pharmacy Services

Below are some common first steps in developing an integrated pharmacy service model.

  1.  Identify responsible parties to integrate workflow and information sharing
  2. Conduct clinical, technology, and operational training
  3. Implement integrated technology and reportingimplement pharmacy
  4. Partner, where needed, with high performing specialty pharmacies
  5. Align goals of therapy with patient care plans

The success of this strategic initiative is built in the design, development, and implementation of the integrated program.  Once all the hard work is done and the foundation is set, what does a 

Advantages of an Integrated Pharmacy Service Model
high performing pharmacy model look like?

A high performing integrated pharmacy model offers: 

patient onboarding
      • Real-time patient onboarding with a specialty pharmacy
      • Streamlined insurance benefit communications
      • Complete patient consultation, educational training, and therapy assessment
      • Improved time to start therapy

      The result is enhanced patient care, improved outcomes, and achievement of cost savings. 

      Benefits of an Integrated Specialty Pharmacy Service Model:

      Patient: Delivers standardized patient care that meets the goals of therapy

      Continuity: Promotes continuity of care as an interdisciplinary healthcare team

      Outcomes: Improves patient outcomes and treatment cost of care

      Experience: Increases patient satisfaction, overall patient experience, and provider relations

      Reporting: Reports interventions to demonstrate clinical outcomes and quality of care

      For more than a decade, Therigy's role as a leader in specialty pharmacy consulting and technology has enabled its clients to help address industry 

      patient outcome.satisfactiontrends and market opportunities throughout their specialty pharmacy journey.

      Often pharmacy leadership will implement this new service with health system employees to demonstrate success, then broaden the scope to serve all patients in a phased approach to roll out to physician specialties.

      This an example of one recent engagement with a client.

       Case Study: Memorial Hermann Link