Blog: Specialty Pharmacy Platforms- Focusing on Operations vs. Patients

As the specialty pharmacy industry continues to grow exponentially, providers and stakeholders are racing to harness the resulting boom in technology. Among these technological advancements are specialty therapy management platforms like TherigySTM™, which help digitize, standardize, organize, and streamline daily processes for specialty pharmacies and hospital systems.

It’s critical to ensure that these platforms enhance internal operations. However, there’s a further consideration for the best interest of specialty pharmacy providers and their patients and stakeholders. Platforms that are operations-focused with minimal pharmacy capabilities are consistently outperformed by those that are focused on patients, which hone in on a formula of critical elements needed to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

Learn more about key characteristics of each type of platform and how to be certain your choice goes the extra mile in patient-focused efforts.Operations vs. Patients blog_therigy-02

Starting at the Beginning: Improving Operations

For many specialty pharmacy providers, making the switch to a therapy management platform can mean a positive change in the way the organization operates at its core. This is especially true for those that operate with legacy systems supplemented by manual processes. Outlook files, Excel databases, hard copy documents and piles of journal articles, which are the rule for the manual processes, can be replaced with one comprehensive pharmacy care management application.

Shifting these operations to digital documentation and management processes can eliminate fragmented and siloed data, saving critical time and resources. Providers find that they’re spending less time entering and manually tracking information. More advanced systems shift this focus to patients, providing built-in features to more closely track, monitor, and analyze patients throughout their care journey.

Accelerated Patient Outcomes via Clinical Content

There are many powerful pharmacy dispensing systems available to specialty pharmacies today.  However, systems like TherigySTM are designed to interface with these systems, working in tandem with their functionalities and processes rather than attempting to “recreate the wheel.”

Operations vs. Patients blog_therigy-03Further, maintaining clinical content is expensive and time consuming; very few specialty pharmacies have the staff to dedicate to that effort.  Instead, patient-focused specialty therapy platforms like TherigySTM give providers the opportunity to focus on the bigger picture of each patient’s journey, while still being able to zoom in on the important details. This can be seen in features like comprehensive clinical assessments that are specially designed to manage specific disease states.

For example, TherigySTM’s assessments feature summary notes which can carry over into follow-up assessments, with sections ranging from patient history to therapy goals to side effects and adherence questions. Assessments may be configured to capture specific outcomes and analytics information that paint a fuller picture for patients through the course of their therapy. Risk evaluation and mitigation strategies (REMS) activities offer another example of ways that TherigySTM can help improve relationships with stakeholders like manufacturers, payers, and group purchasing organizations (GPOs).

Learn More about TherigySTM

To stay competitive in today’s specialty pharmacy industry, many providers are looking to revitalize their organizations through more efficient operations, better relationships with stakeholders, and a comprehensive focus on the health and outcomes of their patients. If you’re ready to explore your options, contact Therigy to learn more about how TherigySTM can help improve virtually every facet of your operation.