Press Release: Therigy Launches 20th Specialty Pharmacy Care Plan Module: Osteoporosis for TherigySTM

December 1, 2016

Maitland, FL—Therigy, LLC today announced a new milestone: the release of its TherigySTM Osteoporosis Care Plan Module, which officially marks the company’s 20th specialty pharmacy care plan. Therigy also marked another milestone in 2016 as the company celebrated its 10th anniversary of providing the pharmaceutical industry’s leading therapy management technology platform and consulting services. Today, over 1,300 pharmacy professionals rely on TherigySTM to support over 125,000 specialty patients.

The release of the Osteoporosis Care Plan Module is a direct response to Therigy customers who wanted to extend their specialty pharmacy’s therapy management capabilities—and businesses—to osteoporosis patients.

Through the Osteoporosis Care Plan Module, which is built on evidence-based guidelines from the National Osteoporosis Foundation, pharmacists and clinicians can now quickly access and deliver consistent clinical care for osteoporosis therapy management. The module is a clinical resource for pharmacy clinicians to create and customize assessments, manage individualized patient care plans, and monitor and educate patients proactively throughout the course of their osteoporosis treatments.

The module also enables specialty pharmacies to save time and resources with always-updated drug information: new and additional osteoporosis drug therapies automatically update into the care plan, making work easier for pharmacies and clinicians. In addition, the module includes comprehensive outcome metrics and data capture to simplify reporting.

“When clients asked for a TherigySTM Osteoporosis Care Plan Module, we set out to build a flexible tool that allows clinicians to consistently manage osteoporosis patients in small or large operations with low or high patient volumes,” explained Lily Duong, Pharm.D., R.Ph, Therigy’s Vice President of Clinical Programs. “The Osteoporosis Care Plan Module supports and streamlines these patient care and associated clinical business needs.”

In tandem with the release of the Osteoporosis Care Plan Module, Therigy launched a number of features to enhance the user experience for current customers. Therigy’s Osteoporosis Care Plan Module is now available through TherigySTM. To learn more, visit or contact Therigy at 1.844.484.3744.