Press Release: Therigy Debuts RSV Solution for TherigySTM

Maitland, FL (November 10, 2014) — Therigy today announced the release of a new module, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), within its specialty therapy management application TherigySTM. Currently, Synagis® is the only FDA-approved drug commercially available in the United States for prevention of RSV infections, and TherigySTM’s new module for RSV delivers scripted assessments that follow approved clinical protocols and treatment guidelines for Synagis. TherigySTM for RSV also allows for standardized data capture that meets the contractual reporting requirements of MedImmune, the manufacturer of Synagis.

“We recognized that many pharmacies were struggling to standardize both the clinical care and data capture for Synagis patients,” said Russel Allinson, CEO and Chief Clinical Officer of Therigy. “This is a unique therapeutic category in that pharmacies often have to speak with both the providers and parents of babies receiving Synagis, which could create gaps in the collection of important clinical information.”

Recognizing the extensive reporting requirements for Synagis, Therigy enhanced its service offering to allow pharmacies to consolidate both prescription data captured within TherigySTM and dispensing data from the pharmacy’s dispensing system for one integrated data submission to MedImmune. Pharmacies can choose to have TherigySTM submit these reports directly to MedImmune in the designated format and timeframe.

“We wanted to simplify a very complex process for pharmacies that dispense Synagis,” said Mr. Allinson. “By providing improved capacity to report contractually required data to MedImmune, we alleviate the very time-consuming administrative burden from pharmacy staff so they can focus on providing quality care for their Synagis patients.”