Case Study: TherigySTM Enables Hemophilia Treatment Center to Meet URAC Standards

The University of Colorado Hemophilia And Thrombosis Center uses TherigySTM to streamline operations and meet URAC requirements.

The University of Colorado Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center (HTC) has managed Comprehensive Hemophilia Clinics at a variety of locations throughout the University of Colorado campus for over 40 years, averaging over 150 patients a month and 1,200 per year. These clinics have improved the quality of life of people with bleeding disorders and offer patients research, experience, and resources from the region's top institutions of learning and patient care.

Before adopting TherigySTM, the HTC worked off Excel spreadsheets and a basic pharmacy dispensing system, which didn't account for the specialized needs of many of their patients. With the use of TherigySTM, the HTC is able to use a comprehensive bleeding disorder care plan, streamline day-to-day operations, and meet URAC standards of accreditation. 


"We could not have successfully met [URAC] standards without TherigySTM in place."

 - Paul Limberis, RPh, Pharmacy Manager


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