Archive: TherigySTM Enhancements Announcement: Assessment Question Scoring

Therigy focused on delivering powerful, user friendly features to advance your specialty patient care process. The latest update, Assessment Question Scoring, is designed to allow company administrators to assign a numeric score to existing or customized questions with an assessment via the Assessment Manager tool. Questions scoring is a can be utilized to support risk management scoring and other patient adherence.

The Question Scoring feature allows a pharmacy to add a unique score to answer options. Scores are saved and calculated at the end of the assessment. Scores can be associated with the following questions types: checkbox, radio, and select.

New Functionality in the Assessment Manager

  • Question Scoring Enabled Check enables scoring functionality for an assessment. A summary field allows the company admin to configure a description of the calculated score.
  • Scoring Enabled Activates the score applied to this associated question to be included in the assessment score.
  • Scoring Weight Admin users will enter the numeric value associated with the question. This field only supports numeric values.
  • Scoring Multiplier The scoring weight is multiplied by the numeric value entered in this field to calculate the question score.

Note: To add scoring to an assessment, the assessment questions should be created, and then saved before enabling the scoring.

New Feature in the Assessments

  • Question Score: The question score calculates the value the score weight times the score multiplier. The question score presents after the user selects Save and Calculate Assessment Score.
  • Assessment Score: The assessment score calculates sum total of all the question scores. The assessment score presents after the user selects Save and Calculate Assessment Score.
  • Save and Calculate Assessment Score: Populating the Save and Calculate Assessment Score radio button at the end of the assessment saves the scores applied to each answer and calculates the sum for the question score and assessment score.

Note: If you submit an assessment at Completed or Pending before selecting Save and Calculate your question scores will be retained by the system.