Archive: Therigy's Online Resource Center for Specialty Pharmacies Enters Pilot Phase with Axium Healthcare

Therigy today announced that Axium Healthcare has agreed to participate in a Phase I pilot of Therigy's new Pharmacy Resource Center.

The Pharmacy Resource Center, accessed through, houses both free and subscription-based resources for management, clinical, and non-clinical personnel in specialty pharmacy settings.

We are truly pleased to have Axium participate in this early phase of delivery for our newest offering. Therigy has long been considered a trusted source of clinical, financial, and operational information for clients like Axium. We saw a need to publish some of our most useful information so our broad base of clients can quickly and easily access it online," says Russel Allinson, RPh MS, Therigy's CEO and chief clinical officer. "Our subject matter experts develop and maintain tools and information such as operational benchmarks and disease and drug specific operations material.

Therigy's web-based Pharmacy Resource Center offers a tremendous opportunity for companies to increase their capabilities and improve their day-to-day performance. Axium was carefully selected as the first participant on the new site. Their proximity to Therigy's headquarters, their specialized market focus, and their existing relationship with the company made Axium an ideal choice to help perfect the site in this first release phase.

"Axium already relies a great deal on Therigy to help grow and extend its business," comments Mark Montgomery, President & CEO at Axium. "As a particularly focused player in the market, we look for measurable value in everything we do. Therigy's goal of bringing information and resources right to the desktops of our people just when they need it, we believe, can deliver real value over time. The one-stop-shop nature of the site means our people save time and in our business, time really is money. We are delighted to be the first user on the new system and are enthusiastic about the opportunity to provide Therigy with our feedback on how it is working for us."

The Therigy Online Resource Center for Specialty Pharmacy is expected to launch in the second quarter with a huge array of information for pharmacies.