Archive: Therigy Updates Brand: Emphasizes Future of Therapy Outcomes

Focuses on Building, Elevating, and Proving Specialty Pharmacy Value

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Therigy®, the company that pioneered patient-focused specialty therapy management in 2006, is making a subtle, yet powerful transition in its brand. Therigy’s brand identity and name originated from the concept of “therapeutics integrated with technology,” which, for years, placed the benefits of its specialty pharmacy expertise and robust therapy management software in the hands of hundreds of pharmacies supporting over 400,000 patients across the nation. The company is taking its identity – and mission – further by placing greater emphasis on shaping the future of therapy outcomes – with patients always at the center.

Faced with uncertainties in politics, new regulations, and as always, new drug therapies, specialty pharmacies must go beyond providing the minimum in patieTherigy Updates Brand-blog-03nt care. They must become high-performing specialty pharmacies focused on proving value to their patients, providers, payers, pharma, and the U.S. healthcare system.

"These trends are motivating specialty pharmacies to shift their focus from being custom distribution channels and advanced benefits management centers to their original mission of providing true care management with provable outcomes,” explained Russel Allinson, RPh, MS, Therigy’s chief executive officer and chief clinical officer.

Responding to future specialty pharmacy needs in a rapidly changing healthcare environment, Therigy modernized the visual image of its brand to reflect its promise: to help specialty pharmacy stakeholders build, elevate, and prove their value. The evolution of Therigy’s brand identity is reflected through a triad of products and services that look to shape the patient-centered, outcomes-focused future – TherigySTM™, TherigyConsulting™, and TherigyOutcomes™. It's a future where statistically significant real-world evidence quantifies the value of specialty drugs, proves the value of clinical programs, and fuels quality initiatives.

As Therigy continues its commitment to quality, technology innovation, and clinical excellence, specialty pharmacy stakeholders can expect to see Therigy’s updated look and feel starting in early fall 2017.