Archive: Therigy Signs Agreement with CoramRx to Use TherigySTM

Therigy signs agreement for CoramRx to use its flagship product, TherigySTM. TherigySTM is a HIPAA compliant specialty therapy management Web application that integrates with pharmacy systems to enable pharmacies to consistently support patients and collect, manage, and report data to all stakeholders. This application is positioned to be a game changer and can play a vital role in simplifying and optimizing the data management of specialty pharmacies.

TherigySTM interfaces with the CPR+ Enterprise pharmacy system, which permits patient data to be automatically transmitted to TherigySTM, for patient enrollment into specialty therapy management programs. The secure data transmission ensures that required patient demographics and therapeutic information is assigned correctly. The result eliminates dual entry, conflicting data, and saves the time associated with manual uploads.

"We are excited to have CoramRx on board as a high performing pharmacy utilizing our robust assessment, interventions, and data reporting modules comprised in TherigySTM," said Russ Allinson, Therigy's CEO. "In the ever changing specialty channel, Therigy is dedicated to developing innovative products and services to better meet the needs of those chronically ill patients who require specialty medications."

"Coram is looking forward to using TherigySTM within CPR+" said Gaston Bernstein, Vice President and General Manager, CoramRx Specialty Pharmacy. "This is a great opportunity for us to expand our services and increase our value to current and new patients. TherigySTM offers a seamless user friendly way to mange our patients with accurate and precise reporting. We are most impressed with the functionality within TherigySTM that allows us to customize the clinical content at the company level while Therigy's clinical team manages and maintains the core content."