Archive: Therigy Launches Specialty Therapy Management Web Application for Pharmacies at NCPA's Annual Convention and Trade Exposition in New Orleans

Orlando, Fla., Monday, October 19, 2009 — Therigy, LLC, the industry's trusted source in specialty pharmacy consulting, web products, and data analytics, announced today the launch of its TherigySTM web application for pharmacies. The product debuts at the National Community Pharmacists Association's 111th Annual Convention and Trade Exposition in New Orleans, LA.

"NCPA is the ideal forum to debut the industry's first web-based application to manage patients on complex, high-cost therapies in the community setting," said Russel Allinson, CEO and Chief Clinical Officer of Therigy. "TherigySTM provides a much needed capability for community pharmacies, as well as centralized specialty pharmacies and home infusion pharmacies, to conduct a broad range of therapy specific assessments, surveys, and interventions with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes. This easy-to-use application supports the complex needs of patients and allows pharmacies to deliver higher performance to referring physicians, payors, and pharmaceutical manufacturers."

Use of the TherigySTM product supports a standardized pharmacy care process for the patient on specialty products and provides evidence of the pharmacist's clinical management efforts and outcomes. Russel Allinson noted that for many of the most frequently prescribed self-injectable specialty products, approximately thirty to fifty percent are dispensed in community pharmacies. Therigy intends to provide the resources to improve their care.

"By providing the tools and support across the pharmacy channel, participating pharmacies can operate at a best practice level and benefit from manufacturer service agreements that require data collection and reporting," said Joe Morse, Chief Operations Officer of Therigy.

Extending Therigy's expertise and "know-how" of specialty pharmacy into community pharmacy practice by providing an easy-to-access and cost-effective solution for managing patients fits with Therigy's vision of improving the use of specialty products regardless of the site of service. This product offering expands Therigy's business model, bringing greater overall value to current and future pharmacy, manufacturer, and payor customers.

Therigy Products and Services:

  • Strategy and Business Planning Advisory Service
  • Operations Consulting
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and Payor Contracting Service
  • TherigySTM
  • Online Resource Center for Pharmacy

Questions regarding the TherigySTM product or Therigy's consulting services should be forwarded to Joe Morse at, (407) 992-8752.