Archive: Therigy Launches eNewsletter: Specialty PharmaSource

Orlando, FL - April 25, 2012 - A new quarterly industry news source called Specialty PharmaSource was launched today to more than 5,000 specialty pharmacy leaders to serve as an aggregator of important news and unique perspectives for everyone interested in specialty pharmacy developments. Specialty PharmaSource is produced by Therigy, a nationally recognized leader in specialty pharmacy consulting services, technology products, and data analytics.

Specialty PharmaSource will explore strategies and practical methods to enhance therapy access and support patient outcomes based on original content, expert opinions, and subscriber feedback. Specialty PharmaSource is free to anyone who subscribes to the online publication by going to the following link:

"Specialty PharmaSource is intended to be an accurate and relevant source of information for the specialty industry," said Russ Allinson, CEO of Therigy. "Launching Specialty PharmaSource is in keeping with our mission of providing industry leaders with information and insights that advance the access to, delivery of, and support for complex pharmaceutical therapies."