Archive: Therigy Eyes Big Boost for Web-Based Specialty Therapy Management System TherigySTM

ORLANDO, Fla. — Therigy, a leading provider of specialty pharmaceutical consulting, web products and data analytics for the health care industry, expects to see a big increase in use of its flagship product TherigySTM thanks to the recent launch of Specialty RN Source, a Specialty Rx Source subsidiary announced last month at the INS Annual Convention in Las Vegas. Therigy CEO Russel Allinson said Therigy is the Strategic Partner in the launch of Specialty RN Source.

"Therigy is integrating Specialty RN Source's nursing coordination with the functionality of Therigy's flagship product TherigySTM," Allinson explained.

Specialty RN Source provides outsourced specialty nursing solutions for biotech manufacturers and specialty pharmacies through its national network of credentialed, highly skilled infusion/injection nurses.

"Specialty RN Source will serve as an extension of each customer's brand by providing access, education, and compliance programs specifically designed for high touch patient populations," Allinson said.

With TherigySTM, specialty pharmacies will be able to instantly access Specialty RN Source's outsourced nursing coordination and national network of specialty nurses.

"Our partnership enables specialty pharmacies to easily and successfully extend their services and expand the scope of therapies they can support as well as demonstrate improved patient care using TherigySTM," Allinson said.

"We expect our pharmacy customers to see significant growth in their businesses from this integrated offering," he added.

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