Archive: Therigy CEO and Chief Clinical Officer to contribute to Pharmacy Times in 2010

Russel Allinson, Therigy CEO and a member of the Editorial Board of Pharmacy Times, has written three articles that appeared in Pharmacy Times in 2009. Allinson has been invited to prepare a series of articles on specialty pharmacy to be published in Pharmacy Times in 2010. The articles will focus on different areas of specialty pharmacy and will coincide with the general focus of the Pharmacy Times issue. Additional in-depth information accompanying the article will be available at the Pharmacy Times and the Therigy website.

"I've enjoyed working with Pharmacy Times this year, and I am pleased to continue writing for them in 2010. This is an ideal opportunity to reach community pharmacists and readers of Pharmacy Times and fits well with our goal to bring specialty pharmacy expertise to this market" said Russ Allinson, Therigy's CEO.