Archive: Therigy Announces the Launch of the Online Research Center for Pharmacy and Payor

Therigy has made a name for itself as the "know-how" expert in the area of specialty pharmaceuticals. Its experts are known broadly across the industry and have worked closely with many leading players to develop and deliver optimal operational and clinical capabilities through its products and consulting services.

Since the launch of Therigy's Pharmacy Resource Center in May, Therigy experts have been diligently researching, developing, and publishing new content for the launch of a second online center — the Pharmacy Research Center. The official launch to the public was announced on September 11, 2008, showcasing Therigy's Pipeline Analysis and Reporting Series.
The Pharmacy Research Center was created to house an array of market insights and in-depth research and analysis to help clients in their strategic planning and business development efforts. Currently, 7 of 10 therapeutic pipeline reports are published, and each quarter new reports will be published and available as a' la carte items or included in a premium subscription.

Great things are on the horizon at Therigy...this is just the beginning.