Archive: Therigy Aids Express Scripts in Securing Pharmacy Accreditations

Therigy's specialty pharmacy resources and knowledge experts cover nearly all aspects of the industry. This made them the consulting choice for ESI-CuraScript when faced with the decision to select an advisory firm to assist them with obtaining ACHC, JCAHO, and HQAA accreditation.

Therigy was engaged by ESI in December 2008 to assist them in obtaining DMEPOS Accreditation for CuraScript's seven specialty pharmacy locations. Within two weeks of engaging Therigy for DMEPOS Accreditation, CuraScript chose to move forward with obtaining ACHC Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation for all locations. The DMEPOS Accreditation with HQAA for all locations would occur at the same time. During Therigy's engagement, it was learned that one CuraScript branch was also due for JCAHO resurvey in September 2009. Remarkably, CuraScript achieved all three of these accreditations during this short nine-month time frame, thus setting a very high-quality bar for the industry.

The project included:

  • Careful evaluation and selection of the Accreditation Body for DMEPOS based upon business needs
  • Presentation of Accreditation concerns and considerations to Senior Leadership
  • Organizational gap analysis related to DMEPOS standards
  • Organizational gap analysis related to ACHC Standards for Specialty Pharmacy
  • Gap analysis for JCAHO branch resurvey
  • Completion of the Accreditation Application to ACHC for seven branches
  • Completion of the Accreditation Application for DMEPOS for all seven branches
  • Development of Pharmacy Policies and Procedures
    • All Policies and Procedures cross walked with references to each specific standard for ACHC, HQAA, JCAHO
  • Development of Pharmacy Programs
  • Departmental Accreditation Training Meetings
  • Weekly Leadership Status Meetings
  • Weekly Project Team Meetings
  • Staff Training
  • Mock Surveys for seven branches for ACHC, DMEPOS, JCAHO
  • Interaction with Accrediting Body as Primary Point of Contact
  • On site for all surveys to interact with surveyors and guide survey process

Therigy's Vice President of Clinical Services, Pam DeVaul, attributes ESI's success to the organization's overall trust in the process and support in the value and insight that Therigy offered. Pam affirmed, CuraScript leadership was engaged from day one. They were committed to doing whatever it took to meet these Best Practice Accreditation Standards for Specialty Pharmacy and achieve these Quality awards.