Archive: Pharmacy First Signs Agreement with Therigy to Support Pay for Performance Program

Pharmacy First has signed an agreement with Orlando-based Therigy to use its flagship product, TherigySTM™, making its 5,300 pharmacies eligible to participate in manufacturer programs as part of Therigy's high performing pharmacy network.

TherigySTM is a HIPAA-compliant Specialty Therapy Management (STM) Web application that enables pharmacies to provide consistent pharmacy care and meet best practice guidelines. With the application, pharmacies play a vital role in simplifying and optimizing data management by collecting, managing, and reporting data to industry stakeholders.

Pharmacy First initially will use TherigySTM to manage their Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and other autoimmune patient populations. TherigySTM will track and report clinical outcomes data for a manufacturer compliance & persistence program. Also, TherigySTM will help the pharmacies support the growing needs to comply with Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS), participate in additional manufacturer programs, and support payer contracts.

Brian Huckle, chief executive officer at Pharmacy First said, "We are excited to execute this agreement with Therigy and provide access to the TherigySTM application to our participating pharmacies. This application will prove to be a valuable resource to our affiliated stores. This initial program launch with RA is the stepping stone and will play a major role in supporting and promoting healthier outcomes for our patients. We have future plans to utilize Therigy's other disease-state modules that we believe pharmacists will find helpful in optimizing patient outcomes and differentiating their practices."

"We are delighted to provide Pharmacy First's members with access to TherigySTM in order to better manage their specialty patients and collect and report outcomes data" says Bill Bailey RPh, Therigy's vice president of Pharmacy Services. "Pharmacy First is a tremendous addition to our base of clients. We look forward to working closely with their team to roll out additional specialty therapy programs and help the pharmacies generate new revenue from manufacturer and payer agreements."