Archive: Mediware® and Therigy® Announce New Partnership to Enable the Delivery of Value-based Outcomes

Collaboration will streamline specialty pharmacy operations, business, and clinical management offerings for pharmacy stakeholders

Mediware Information Systems, Inc., a provider of comprehensive post-acute healthcare software and Therigy, the pioneer of patient-centric specialty therapy management technology, today unveiled a new partnership and integration between Mediware’s CareTend software and TherigySTM™ to automate, standardize, and scale patient management, and enable the delivery of value-based outcomes.

The partnership between Mediware and Therigy demonstrates both companies’ unified commitment in delivering to specialty pharmacy stakeholders the most advanced technologies and tools to simplify and streamline payer and manufacturer reporting requirements.

These technologies are purpose-built to provide pharmacies with a range of tools that enable 360-degree detailed tracking of patient progress through the various courses of specialty and clinical workflows. Combined, the CareTend and TherigySTM products cover the full gamut of data collection and reporting of specialty therapy patient, operations, and business management through clinical assessments, progress notes, patient adherence, outcomes reporting, clinical interventions, side effect management, and patient support services.

Thomas Mann, President and CEO of Mediware, commented, “I’m excited to enter this new partnership with Therigy. It is a great opportunity to utilize the synergies between both companies so that specialty pharmacies have more time to focus on patient outcomes and can worry less about technology.”

Jon Hamrick, Chief Strategy Officer of Therigy, added, “The entire premise of value-based outcomes is the collection of meaningful, real-world data from all steps in patient management within the specialty pharmacy continuum of care. The collaboration between Mediware and Therigy ensures that outcomes are standardized, and based on every specialty therapy process, assessment and intervention, where better patient outcomes are always top of mind. That is where true value is realized for all specialty pharmacy stakeholders.”


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