Archive: Learn Insider Tips: Don’t Miss Therigy and Cleveland Clinic’s Webinar on URAC Specialty Pharmacy v3.0 Accreditation on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

In three weeks, Therigy and Cleveland Clinic will host a live webinar titled Preparing for URAC Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation v3.0: Learn Insider Tips to Satisfy the Latest Patient Management Requirements. This webinar is geared toward helping specialty pharmacy leaders and clinicians who are considering the next steps toward URAC Specialty Pharmacy v3.0 accreditation.

In this webinar, industry experts will discuss how to navigate the major changes in URAC Specialty Pharmacy v3.0,URAC 3.0 Accreditation Webinar-02 focusing on the patient management section of the accreditation standards.

Join Russel Allinson and Pam DeVaul of Therigy, as well as Chase Dye with Cleveland Clinic, for an hour-long discussion that will provide key explanations and actionable advice on how to effectively, efficiently, and thoroughly prepare for the desktop and onsite accreditation requirements.

Allinson and DeVaul will share information on accreditation changes, including insider tips based on their work consulting with and providing a technology solution to multiple specialty pharmacies. Dye will discuss lessons learned about the process as he successfully led Cleveland Clinic through accreditation requirements.

By the end of the webinar, attendees will understand how to:

  1. Navigate the major changes in URAC Specialty Pharmacy v3.0 for patient management
  2. Apply the new URAC Specialty Pharmacy v3.0 standards specific to patient management
  3. Plan and implement URAC Specialty Pharmacy v3.0 requirements for patient management
  4. Use technology to meet the new patient- and specialty-drug management standards

Why Is This Webinar Important?

Many specialty pharmacies that received accreditation prior to the release of URAC Specialty Pharmacy v3.0 in 2015 may be unprepared for the new requirements of the updated standards.

Patient management will be a focal point of the webinar, as these requirements have undergone considerable changes since earlier URAC accreditation versions. For example, specialty pharmacies must provide a documented patient management overview in their policies and procedures, which include comprehensive details about adherence evaluation and how the pharmacy evaluates the effectiveness of drugs and therapies.

This overview must also describe the process for initial assessments, reassessments, and patient education—all of which must be approved by clinical oversight and be provided to all patients who need specialty drugs. Upon survey, patient records must contain assessments and reassessments; if this is not done, the pharmacy must provide documentation that patients have opted-out.

This is just a glimpse into the planning and preparation that many specialty pharmacies will face to meet the quality standards of URAC Specialty Pharmacy v3.0 patient management requirements.

The Need for Integrated Technology

URAC 3.0 Accreditation Webinar-03While it’s possible to achieve URAC Specialty Pharmacy v3.0 accreditation using legacy or manual systems and processes, specialty pharmacies that invest in specialized technology to support the new policies and procedures have a leg-up above their peers.

These platforms offer the ability to systematize and automate critical aspects of operations that include patient and specialty drug management, while simplifying the reporting process required by URAC. Webinar presenters will discuss how TherigySTM™ can provide pharmacies with immense assistance and relief in achieving and maintaining their accreditation status.

If you’re looking to learn about the tools, considerations, and strategies needed to streamline your URAC Specialty Pharmacy v3.0 accreditation, visit to register for Therigy’s free webinar on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at 1:00 pm EDT.