Archive: Amber Pharmacy Selects TherigySTM

ORLANDO, FL, October 5, 2010 – Therigy, LLC recently added Amber Pharmacy to its network of high performing specialty pharmacies. Amber Pharmacy will partner with Therigy to develop the transplant component of TherigySTM™, a HIPAA-compliant specialty therapy management Web application. In addition, Amber Pharmacy will utilize the application to provide consistent care to oncology and transplant patients. TherigySTM will allow Amber Pharmacy to collect, manage, and report data to all stakeholders while following best practice standards.

"Therigy is looking forward to partnering with and providing the highest level of service to our newest client," comments Bill Bailey, Vice President of Pharmacy Services for Therigy. "Amber has established itself as a leader in the specialty pharmacy market, focused on providing the highest level of patient support while driving positive outcomes. TherigySTM will enable Amber to streamline its patient care process and improve its data management capabilities while providing the same high-touch patient model that has led to their growth."

"Amber Pharmacy is pleased to partner with Therigy," said Michael Agostino, R.Ph, President of Amber Pharmacy. "Amber Pharmacy forged the way in providing specialized pharmacy services for the transplant industry. We believe our best-in-class experience will significantly enhance development of the transplant component of the application."

"Amber Pharmacy is also very excited to implement TherigySTM as a part of our daily operations. This application will allow us to focus on delivering the best possible treatments and outcomes and provide an efficient and effective means to manage clinical protocols. The addition of TherigySTM to our overall workflow will increase our value to patients, payors, and manufacturers."

Amber Pharmacy is considered a pioneer in providing high-quality clinical care combined with the support and counseling needed to treat complex medical conditions. Owned and operated by the Kaplan family, Amber Pharmacy is currently in its thirteenth year of operation.