Articles: Specialty Pharmacy Standards of Care- Hepatitis C

October 30, 2018

Therigy, the trusted partner for specialty pharmacy management software and services, has developed a publication series: "Specialty Pharmacy Standards of Care."  With hundreds of thousands of unique patients served and over 100,000,000 patient assessment responses completed, Therigy has enabled pharmacists and patient care providers with a consistent way to care for patients across the nation with our flagship software, TherigySTM.   The first volume of "Therigy Standards of Care" addresses the Hepatitis C virus (HCV). 

We leveraged our in-depth knowledge gained from serving hundreds of specialty pharmacies and over 75,000 HCV patients over a decade to establish the care guidelines presented in "Therigy Standards of Care: Hepatitis C."  Therigy will be following this up with additional volumes covering other disease states.  We are enhancing our specialty pharmacy management software to execute these standards.

In “Specialty Pharmacy Standards of Care: Hepatitis C,” Therigy’s team of pharmacists have identified three levels of patient care and support to address specific medical needs and diagnoses. Establishing the standards of care for a Hepatitis C patient and understanding the need for that personalized care will immensely improve a patient’s quality of life and will inevitably increase the quality of care for the overall patient population.

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