Article: Specialty Partnership Is a Big MTM Success

February 8, 2018

Therigy is featured in a Specialty Pharmacy Continuum article discussing the success of a patient that participated in a pharmacist-led medication therapy management (MTM) program through TherigySTM.

Some highlights of the article include:

"The Shields/UMass specialty MTM program, which works with more than 50,000 patients in a Medicare fee-for-service accountable care organization (ACO), emphasizes "legendary care" and seeks to look beyond specialty to achieve and document improved outcomes. "Across any specialty population, what's driving outcomes are conditions like cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, and infections, all strongly influenced by mental health and substance use disorders. So while I think it's critically important to measure outcomes that are focused on the specialty condition and the specialty drug, it's also important to widen our definitions of how to improve patient outcomes through a specialty program to be better aligned with the future of value-based care," Dr. Smith said.

"In our model, the pharmacist had both initial and follow-up services with these patients, performing all services that are well documented in the literature, focused on improving glucose and blood pressure control and hyperlipidemia, Dr. Smith said." 

"The program began in early 2016, as the first proprotein convertase subtilisn/kexin type 9 (PCSK9) inhibitors were coming to market, and the group anticipated that there would likely be some payor-driven barriers to putting appropriate patients on therapy. 'We wanted to make sure we were optimizing hyperlipidemia control before going to advanced therapies,' Dr. Smith noted. That included identifying "when we felt a patient was appropriate for a PCKS9 and documenting everything in the [electronic medical record]: multiple statins, dose-escalation, ensure that a patient was truly intolerant to therapy," he explained." 

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