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Article: Drug Manufacturers Seek Innovative Specialty Pharmacies

February 25, 2014

Therigy is featured in a Specialty Pharmacy Continuum article discussing several common themes that emerged from a panel presentation at the 2013 Therigy Specialty Pharmacy Leadership Congress. 

Some highlights of the article include: 

"Specialty Pharmacies that 'can show and quantify positive outcomes-those will be the specialty pharmacies and providers that pharma will tend to gravitate to,' according to Adele Wildermuth, the deputy director of hematology at Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals."  

"The terms 'value-based outcome', 'evidence-based medicine' and ...' comparative effectiveness' are aiming at the outcome for an individual patient in a very, very narrowing field for ever-smaller populations, based potentially on a single genetic mutation. Although effectively addressing this level of specificity might appear daunting, Dr. Morrow said, 'That is where technology comes in.' Technology could help facilitate the behavioral change required to convince patients to adhere to their prescribed therapy regimens, for example. Whether through technology, in person or by other means, manufacturers need to demonstrate patient adherence to specialty therapies. 'It's the specialty pharmacy that can give the industry the level of adherence that we're looking for because you do have that touch-point with the patient', Ms.Wildermuth said." 

To read the entire article, please click here