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Article: Defining Standard Services Within Specialty Practice

February 18, 2014

Therigy is featured in a Specialty Pharmacy Continuum article discussing how specialty pharmacists can find themselves in a challenging position between payors and manufacturers. 


Some  highlights of the article include: 

"Specialty pharmacists can find themselves in a challenging position between payors and manufacturers when it comes to defining services." 

"Pharmacists get caught because managed care expects them to provide a lot of services. Then manufacturers look at a big list of services and say, 'We want those data, but we cannot pay for it,' Russel Allinson, RPh, MS, the chief executive officer and chief clinical officer at Therigy." 

"Jay Bryant-WImp, RPh, the owner and CEO of AccurateRx Pharmacy, echoed the idea that there are significant variations in the level of service provided at different specialty pharmacies. In an interview with Specialty Pharmacy Continuum, Mr. Bryant-Wimp said, 'one of the biggest things' that should be added to those basic standard-of-care services discussed during the Therigy session, 'is a patient's out-of-pocket cost.' He said, this has been a 'huge miss' for specialty pharmacies, and 'with patient copays going higher and higher,' the onus is on specialty pharmacies to do all they can to maximize patients' benefits. Acknowledging that 'it takes a lot of extra work', he said that for drugs that could be billed through either the medical or the pharmacy benefit, such as many infused drugs, specialty pharmacies should look at which payor path would be better for the patient. Then, if the pharmacy benefit is the way to go, they should also explore 'pharmaceutical company loyalty program to offset some of the increased costs to the patient' from copays, for example. 'It's really about being a good steward of the dollar from the patient's perspective,' he said, 'rather than going down the path of least resistance." 

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