Referral Manager

Track and document your referrals with ease. 

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Don't let your referrals slip through the cracks.  

Manage, follow up, and get alerts on patient benefits, re-authorizations needed, and more.

Benefits Investigation

Keep a record of what your pharmacy's staff has accomplished.

  • Document referrals received from, important dates, reference #s, patient IDs, and more
  • Track and manage each referral status
  • Report your pharmacy's Turnaround Time, No Go's

Prior Authorization

  • Document and track status 
  • Track how many appeals are successful
    • Appeals
    • Overturned Appeals
    • Automatic Appeals
  • Schedule Re-Authorization, keeping authorizations up to date before the patient needs a refill

Financial Assistance Lookup Tool

  • Find the best drug programs for your patients with ease
  • Keep patient's financial assistance effective start date, end date, and amount funded
  • Provisional funding - keep follow-up schedule to coordinate with patients and foundations and funding entities to prevent gaps in treatment
  • NEW! Proactive Alerts - Get timely and specific alerts regarding foundation funds available to patients. Cut down on time-intensive searches and ensure your patients have access to time-sensitive assistance programs.

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Referral Complete/No Go

  • Close out your referrals with complete or NoGo's with status reasons
  • Automated push to create patient onboarding activities for both Patient Care Coordinator and Clinicians

Referral Reporting

Your control center for referrals to ensure patients receive medications promptly and understand the reasons behind referral No Go's and prior authorization denials.


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