#1 Patient-Centered Therapy-Management System

TherigySTM—the #1 patient-centered therapy-management software—enables you to quantify the value & efficacy of your clinical programs & systemize your pharmacy's success.

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Gain valuable data insights.

TherigySTM and TherigyInsights™ business intelligence enables you to report and analyze clinical activity and patient outcomes at the disease state and medication level for your own patient data, with rich drill-down detail.

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Therigy Outcomes

Elevate your pharmacy.

Shift from outdated paradigms to elevate your pharmacy and boost improved outcomes—with the ability to consistently prove them. Systemize your success and gain a competitive advantage.

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Quantify the Value of Your Clinical Programs

From small to large pharmacies, TherigyInsights provides a portfolio of reporting & data anlaytic solutions to help you monitor onboarding, operations & clinical performance. Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your staff, meet accreditation requirements, generate reports for payers and providers & prove the value of your clinical programs.

  • Quantify the value and efficacy of specialty therapies & clinical programs
  • Measure outcomes at both the medication & disease-state level
  • Start collecting analyzing real-world therapeutic evidence
  • Design implement quality-improvement initiatives
  • Generate reports on financial, clinical, quality-of-life & patient satisfaction outcomes
  • Access preconfigured reports or customize your own internal and external reports
  • Prove your value to payers, pharma companies & accrediting agencies
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Therigy Outcomes

Systemize Your Outcomes. Systemize Your Pharmacy's Success. 

Value-based care is the future. And, the future is now. Manufacturers, payers & providers need to improve patient health & mitigate skyrocketing costs. Specialty pharmacies are well-poised to support stakeholders in the movement toward value-based care. One approach is to fundamentally shift from old paradigms to systemizing improved outcomes—with the ability to consistently prove them.

Specialty pharmacies have a growing responsibility to raise this bar. To stay afloat & secure competitive contracts, specialty pharmacies must systematize & crystallize the successful diagnosis, monitoring & management of complex conditions—all while mastering the daunting tasks of defining the parameters & guidelines that indicate what “success” actually means for each unique patient. And, how it affects manufacturers', payers' & providers' products & services.

How can you systematize success for your pharmacy? When it comes to improved outcomes, Therigy has the technology, tools, and subject matter expertise to help you get there.

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