Pharma Outcomes

Get outcomes data from a multitude of specialty pharmacy sources — all in one place!

Gain Valuable Insights from External Data Sources

With Therigy, you can drive outcomes research beyond basic claims data, basic dispensing, and utilization metrics.

  • Get outcomes from thousands of specialty therapy patients (who have undergone or are currently undergoing treatments across 20+ specialty therapy categories) managed by a multitude of specialty pharmacies in one place, through one platform — TherigySTM
  • Therigy investigates and aggregates data on the utilization, effectiveness, and clinical outcomes of specialty pharmacy drugs in real-world settings
  • Collect and analyze real-world evidence and data related to how particular patients respond to treatments, while considering circumstances, such as medical history, condition, genotype and stage, prior treatment status, and concomitant medications
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Therigy  Partner with Therigy to conduct outcomes studies based on real-world evidence across 20+ specialty disease states and 400+ specialty medications.
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