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Whether preparing for a new specialty product launch, or working to modify or enhance an existing channel strategy or support model, pharma and biotech manufacturers regularly turn to Therigy. With Therigy, pharma manufacturers get expert support in channel strategy and service model design — specific to specialty therapies and patient populations, as well as development, implementation, and ongoing management.

Tap into the right disease state knowledge base. Therigy’s subject matter expert consultants have extensive backgrounds in consulting with manufacturers and specialty pharmacies to meet their objectives in supporting specialty disease states such as Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Disorder, Hemophilia, Hepatitis C, Hereditary Angioedema, Oncology, Neurological Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, and many others.

Our pharma consulting services help build effective product strategy and service models through:

  • Market research and category landscape assessment
  • Product data eco-system development
  • Channel strategy & service models
  • Hub services provider selection and contracting
  • Pharmacy network design/modification/selection & contract development
  • Therapy management program design and development
  • Specialty data & analytics strategy
  • Network data collection and reporting
  • Product access and reimbursement support
  • Network and sub-network data aggregation and report development
  • And more

See Our Expertise in Action: A Small Cross Section of Capabilities

Therigy meets each client’s unique project needs by drawing on the extensive experience of our subject matter expert consultants. Our collective knowledge base, combined with the practical application of best practices, and a keen understanding of past and future trends, achieves the greatest economic and clinical success for our clients.

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Subject matter experts have helped the following projects achieve successes:

Product Channel Strategy and Service Model Design, Development, and Implementation

A pharma manufacturer contracted Therigy 20 months prior to the launch of its novel treatment for Hepatitis C Virus. Specifically. Therigy was engaged for the following support:

  • Specialty Market/Hepatitis C market research and analysis
  • Analog therapy service model review, analysis, findings, and recommendations
  • Wholesale distribution and specialty pharmacy network design
  • Cost projections and service model financial modeling in support of budgeting process
  • Service support model analysis, design, and recommendation (HUB, service center, eHUB)
  • Patient assistance program and co-pay assistance program design
  • Specialty pharmacy, HUB, and PAP distributor RFP development and distribution
  • Specialty pharmacy and HUB program candidate selection
  • Specialty pharmacy provider and HUB RFP management, scoring
  • Finalist scoring and selection
  • Specialty pharmacy and HUB contract development and execution
  • Implementation/kickoff meetings (HUB providers, specialty pharmacy network, etc.)

A well-known, existing specialty therapy in open distribution was challenged by the pending approval of an additional orphan indication. The brand was challenged by FDA comments and concerns regarding the potential for dosing errors and a request to perform additional HF studies. Therigy was engaged to support the design/ development of a limited distribution and channel support strategy for the new orphan indication.

Therigy rapidly worked with the brand and managed markets teams to:

  • Serve in a senior brand leadership role
  • Identify examples of relevant analog open to orphan indication strategies
  • Design and develop a risk management/REMS program
  • Design a wholesale distribution and limited specialty pharmacy network
  • Develop a HUB services integration plan
  • Develop program recommendations and participate in the presentation/approval process with senior manufacturer leadership
  • Support development of the FDA proposal
  • Create wholesaler and specialty pharmacy contract addendum
  • Negotiate and execute contract Exception Access Strategy Development
Exclusive HUB/Specialty Pharmacy Provider Operational Assessment and Quality Improvement Program

A large pharma manufacturer engaged Therigy to better understand and develop an engagement strategy for influential customers to develop specialty pharmacy capabilities. The project outcome was the development of a process to determine whether to grant such organizations access to the manufacturer's limited distribution therapies. For the project, Therigy performed the following:

  • Conducted Voice of the Customer meetings with major health system/lDNs, academic institutions and provider-owned dispensing entities that have developed or are developing specialty pharmacy capabilities
  • Developed an Exception Access Strategy and Process involving a cross-functional team from the manufacturer
  • Developed capacity to evaluate and contract with approved "exception access" entities
Specialty Pharmacy Network and Adherence Program

A pharmaceutical manufacturer engaged Therigy to develop a network of specialty pharmacies with the objective of delivering a branded adherence program across the participating network specialty pharmacies. Therigy’s program Included design, development, and execution of a pilot program, broad program roll-out, data aggregation and reporting. Key Therigy activities included:

  • Installation of a senior brand leadership advisory role
  • Development of key success metrics/ROI measures
  • Development of the adherence program
  • Contracting development and support
  • Pharmacy system integration
  • Consistent clinical support via TherigySTM utilization across the network
  • Adherence support and patient connectivity via a private label version ofTherigy SPA (Specialty Patient Adherence)
  • Contracting responsibility for the network
  • Data aggregation and reporting via Therigy's SMART eHUB

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