Pharma & Biotech Solutions

Specialty product and therapeutic category support by enhancing patient’s journey and prescription pull-through for better outcomes within TherigySTM.


Leveraging technology to improve specialty patient outcomes.

Therigy provides specialty pharmacies the manufacturer data reporting tools they need to help facilitate compliance, efficiency, and capabilities to win business collaboration agreements.  By developing must-have operational efficiency and robust chronic therapy management, Therigy focuses on leveraging the ability to capture longitudinal patient outcomes data while advancing integrated patient care delivery.

Outcomes & Quality of Care Programs

Utilize and enhance patient care delivery with TherigySTM’s clinical assessments, questionnaires, and/or surveys to capture reportable quality of life metrics

(This can be completed via specialty pharmacy staff and/or mobile-enabled patient assessments administered through the pharmacy)


Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety Screening

TherigySTM’s clinical capabilities can promote safe and appropriate therapeutic protocols directed by specialty pharmacy clinicians.

Custom Market Solutions

Different organizations, therapeutic categories, or medications face various challenges in the market where Therigy is uniquely situated to collaboratively partner with you.

TherigySTM has been proven to address and make impact in:

  • Improving Adherence
  • Facilitating Regulatory Compliance
  • Alleviating Barriers to Care
  • Combating Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
  • Capturing Real-World Evidence
  • Streamlining Patient-reported Outcomes

Multi-Channel Patient Outreach

TherigySTM facilitates multiple methods of contact and opportunities for pharmacies to reach their patients and gather data.

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High Touch Patient Outreach

Pharmacy staff interacts with patient and enters drug-specific assessment patient information directly into TherigySTM.


Mobile Patient Messaging

Pharmacy staff sends patients mobile-enabled text message with secured link to complete drug-specific assessment questions at a time best for the patient.


HIPAA-Compliant E-Mails

Pharmacy staff sends patients a HIPAA-compliant email with drug-specific assessment questions, educational material, etc. 



TherigySTM’s manufacturer reporting suite helps specialty pharmacies:

  • Send better quality reports to manufacturers by optimizing data capture and analytics.
  • Meet manufacturer reporting requirements by streamlining the mapping, setting up the architecture, and increasing packaged solutions that are “set and forget”.
  • Meet diverse and intricate reporting requirements with an agile DevOps approach to tackle opportunities unlike rigid corporate software solutions.
  • Take on unique, customized reporting projects for any scale engagement.
  • Comply with REMS program and contractual obligations to maintain distribution network participation and position to win manufacturer RFP bids, all while reducing the need to use third-party data aggregators or software platforms.

Find out more about how you can leverage technology to improve patient outcomes today!