Prove Real-World Outcomes

for Established & Emerging Specialty Therapies

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Build your channels.

Move ahead with our expertise. Rely on our team’s combined 150+ years of specialty experience to help you develop exceptionally-effective channel strategies, service models, and product access programs.

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Elevate your understanding.

Gain access to statistically significant real-world evidence from Therigy’s high-performing specialty-pharmacy network to quantify the effectiveness of both established and emerging specialty therapies.

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Reporting and data analytics for specialty pharmacy outcomes


Prove your value.

Take outcomes studies beyond traditional claims, dispensing, and utilization metrics with the help of illuminating data analysis and outcomes research carried out at the medication, disease state, and patient level.

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150+ Years of Specialty Pharmacy Experience

Rely on industry-leading expertise and 150+ years of specialty pharmacy experience from Therigy’s consulting team to help you build exceptionally effective channel strategies, service models, and product access programs, through:

  • Customized market research and category-landscape assessments
  • Proven channel strategy and service model roadmaps
  • HUB services provider selection and contracting support
  • Pharmacy network design, selection, and contracting services
  • Highly targeted product launch and post-marketing strategies
  • And much more
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#1 Patient-Centered Therapy-Management Software

TherigySTM—the #1 patient-centered therapy-management software, along with its companion module, TherigyOutcomes™, helps you to collect, analyze, and interpret real-world evidence from Therigy’s exclusive nationwide network of leading specialty pharmacies.

With this network, you can:

  • Gain deep insights into therapies for 20+ specialty disease states
  • Assess the impact of more than 400 specialty medications
  • Improve the design of your clinical trials and post-marketing studies
  • Identify needed enhancements to patient education and compliance programs
  • Aggregate data across populations to produce statistically significant results
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Quantify the Value of Your Specialty Therapies

With TherigyOutcomes, Therigy’s industry-leading outcomes analytics module, you can take  outcomes studies far beyond the traditional claims, dispensing, and utilization metrics, allowing you to:

  • Design, develop, and conduct quality, outcomes, and pharmacoeconomics studies that demonstrate the successful use of specialty products in real-world circumstances
  • Gain unprecedented insights into the efficacy of specialty therapies at the medication, disease state, and patient level
  • Better understand emerging patient needs and more accurately forecast therapy trends
  • Mine drug information and clinical-study findings to develop effective care plans that drive value-based outcomes
  • Identify therapy improvement opportunities and fill critical efficacy knowledge gaps
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Therigy Let Therigy advise you on your channel strategy and help you improve access for your brands.
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