TherigySTM Patient Engagement

Learn how TherigySTM's Patient Engagement tools give patients access to personalized treatment content and automatically sends refill reminders via text!


Therigy is pleased to introduce our patient engagement features, which encompasses both patient education content and patient messaging services. With patient education content, you can invite your patients to their own patient specific portal providing educational videos specific to his or her condition and medication. TherigySTM users can subscribe to patient education content by contacting your dedicated account manager. Patient messaging is a tool that can send refill reminders to patients via SMS text messages, thereby reducing the number of outbound refill calls to patients. TherigyEngage is available for all subscribers of TherigySTM. With patient messaging, enrolling a patient is as simple as a click of a mouse. The patient will then receive an opt-in text message confirming his or her enrollment and a refill reminder whenever a refill activity is due. Interested in learning more about our patient engagement features or TherigySTM? Contact Therigy today!

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