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Systemize Your Outcomes. Systemize Your Pharmacy's Success.

Value-based care is the future. And, the future is now. Manufacturers, payers & providers need to improve patient health & mitigate skyrocketing costs. Specialty pharmacies are well-poised to support stakeholders in the movement toward value-based care. One approach is to fundamentally shift from old paradigms to systemizing improved outcomes—with the ability to consistently prove them.

Specialty pharmacies have a growing responsibility to raise this bar. To stay afloat & secure competitive contracts, specialty pharmacies must systematize & crystallize the successful diagnosis, monitoring & management of complex conditions—all while mastering the daunting tasks of defining the parameters & guidelines that indicate what “success” actually means for each unique patient. And, how it affects manufacturers', payers' & providers' products & services.

How can you systematize success for your pharmacy? When it comes to improved outcomes, Therigy has the technology, tools, network and subject matter expertise to help you get there.



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  • With Therigy, you can drive outcomes research beyond basic claims data, basic dispensing, and utilization metrics. 
  • Get outcomes from thousands of specialty therapy patients (who have undergone or are currently undergoing treatments across 20+ specialty therapy categories) managed by a multitude of specialty pharmacies in one place, through one platform — TherigySTM
  • Therigy investigates and aggregates data on the utilization, effectiveness, and clinical outcomes of specialty pharmacy drugs in real-world settings
  • Collect and analyze real-world evidence and data related to how particular patients respond to treatments, while considering circumstances, such as medical history, condition, genotype and stage, prior treatment status, and concomitant medications


Therigy enables the identification of opportunities to investigate, research, and demonstrate specialty therapy care outcomes through: 

  • Standards of Care Initiatives
  • Quality Initiatives
  • Research
  • Manufacturer-Specific Fee for Service Programs
  • Patient Population Identification for Clinical Trial/HEOR Opportunities
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Aggregation (targeted sub-groups)
  • Data/Education
  • Payor Networks

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