Mobile-Enabled Patient Assessments

Reach patients faster and improve adherence.

We know you're caring for more and more patients, and we're here to help. We offer mobile-enabled patient assessments within TherigySTM to allow your patients who opt-in to instantly answer select questions directly from their mobile devices.






Personalized Patient-Adherence Questions


Instant Results

A patient receiving a refill message with a mobile assessment link from their pharmacy

How it Works

When a patient opts-in to Patient Messaging, he or she will receive a text message containing a link to the mobile-friendly, secure questionnaire a week before an activity is due. 

  • Enroll each patient with just one click of a mouse
  • Patient's mobile number populates automatically from their TherigySTM patient profile
  • After enrollment, refill reminder texts go out with link to mobile assessments included
  • Check out more information in this video.

Mobile Assessments are Fast and Easy 

Patients complete assessments on their time, saving your Patient Care Coordinators time on the phone. 

  • All questions crafted by Therigy are written at a third-grade reading level and take approximately five minutes or less to complete
  • Status of mobile assessment completion populates automatically in TherigySTM - even if a patient starts but doesn't finish the assessment 


Examples of mobile assessment questions
A pharmacist using TherigySTM to check patient answers from Mobile Assessments.

Instant Results

When a patient completes the questionnaire, you can review their answers and close the activity as complete.