TherigySTM Integrations

Improve communication between pharmacy, prescribers, and your patients


Create a True Pharmacist eCare Plan for your Pharmacy

Integrate your dispensing system and EHR with TherigySTM to see the bigger picture of your patients' healthcare status and improve communication with your providers. 

Integration Benefits

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Improve patient safety with the aim to prevent errors and check for incomplete patient data.
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Increase your productivity and reduce healthcare costs.

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Enhance communication and coordination between pharmacy and providers.

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Interoperability helps better care for your patients and improve patient experiences.


Interoperability by the Numbers

Discover how TherigySTM automation translate into tangible results from increased operational
efficiencies to significant financial savings



Average cost of duplicating a patient record per patient1


Prevent Duplicate Patient Records

Entering a duplicate patient health record leads to costly repeating medical care. With integration between the EHR and dispensing system, TherigySTM automatically reviews the health system's database and flags any patient who matches existing criteria. 

If TherigySTM identifies a match, the existing record populates to prevent repeated work, which results in an average of $1,950 in cost savings per potential duplication.1

[1] As cited by Becker’s Hospital Review, this value reflects record duplication for patients who had an inpatient stay.




Average annual cost savings with automated patient encounter notes2


Eliminate Extra Manual Note Entries

Manually entering one patient encounter note into an EHR or dispensing system takes 20-45 minutes. On average, TherigySTM customers enter 5 patient encounter notes from the pharmacy per day. 


With TherigySTM, automating the duplication of entries across the EHR and dispensing system, those customers saved nearly 12 hours each week on averagethat's $48,600 in annual cost savings for each health system.2

[2] These calculations assume 20 minutes per note for a pharmacist earning $56.80 per hour, $81.00 per hour with benefits.

Dispensing Integrations

TherigySTM partners with top dispensing systems in the industry

  • Avoid multiple patient enrollment, improve quality of care, and boost operational efficiency.
  • Integration includes real time updates for patient enrollment and Rx information into TherigySTM from dispensing system; and TherigySTM activities back into Dispensing System
*Please note that specific data fields that can integrate with TherigySTM are different for each dispensing system

EHR Integrations

TherigySTM connects with all major EHRs in the industry. 

  • Enhance communication and coordination between pharmacy and providers.

*Please note that data fields that can integrate with TherigySTM are different for each EHR integration.


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