Build, Expand & Scale

Your Hospital’s Specialty Pharmacy

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Build your value.

Rely on our team’s combined 150+ years of specialty experience to build a valuable hospital specialty pharmacy business from the ground up.

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Elevate your value.

Elevate your patient-care programs with the #1 patient-centered therapy management solution — everything a pharmacy needs in a single system

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Reporting and data analytics for specialty pharmacy outcomes


Prove your value.

Gain unprecedented insights into the effectiveness and efficacy of specialty therapies and clinical programs at the medication, disease state, and patient level.

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150+ Years of Specialty Pharmacy Experience

Rely on industry-leading expertise, a proven roadmap, and 150+ years of specialty pharmacy experience from Therigy’s consulting team to help you build a valuable hospital specialty pharmacy from the ground up, through:

  • Strategic planning and budgeting
  • Therapy-management program development
  • Full operational build-outs
  • Assistance with URAC, ACHC, and CPPA accreditation
  • Policy and procedure implementations
  • And much more
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Your Total Patient-Centered Therapy Management Solution.

With TherigySTM, you gain a more efficient & effective way to onboard, engage & manage all patient populations, meet accreditation & prove outcomes—all through a single system.

  • TherigyOnboard™ — Onboard patients & make the referral management process easier
  • TherigyAssure™ — Save time & money with ready-to-use care plans across 20+ disease states
  • TherigyEngage™ — Embrace the future with a gateway for mobile patient engagement and digital communication. Gain and document patient refills via text message or educational content via video. Meet accreditation requirements for multi-lingual, multi-modal patient support via a brandable patient portal.
  • TherigyInsights™ — Access pre-configured or customized reports to meet accreditation requirements, generate reports for payers & providers, prove the value of your clinical programs & much more
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Quantify the Value of Your Clinical Programs

As your hospital’s specialty pharmacy business grows, it won’t be enough just to say your pharmacy is better than competing alternatives. You’ll need to prove it. With TherigySTM, you can. TherigySTM—the #1 patient-centered therapy-management software—enables you to: 

  • Quantify the value and efficacy of specialty therapies and clinical programs
  • Measure outcomes at both the medication- and disease-state level
  • Start collecting and analyzing real-world therapeutic evidence
  • Design and implement quality improvement initiatives
  • Generate outcomes reports on financial, clinical, quality of life, and patient satisfaction
  • Prove your value to payers, pharma companies, and accrediting agencies
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Therigy  Elevate your specialty pharmacy. Step up to the #1 therapy-management software. Ask for a guided tour today!
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