Create true interoperability within your health system  

TherigySTM offers integrations between TherigySTM and your EHR and/or dispensing systems to enhance communication between your pharmacy, providers, and patients.


TherigySTM + EHR Integration Benefits

We know your pharmacy can't afford to waste time and money spending hours on data entry. TherigySTM's EHR and dispensing integrations empower your pharmacy staff to spend less time waiting on data and more time providing the best care for your patients.


Enhanced communication

Never wonder if providers have the most up-to-date information again. Seamless integrations let your patient data flow smoothly between your patients' touchpoints.


Reduced healthcare costs

Stop spending hours worrying about multiple patient enrollment, data mix-ups, and prescription numbers. Simply load patient information with the click of a button.


Secure, real-time data updates

Therigy's integrations help improve patient safety with the aim of preventing errors and checking for incomplete patient data.


TherigySTM integrates with major EHR systems, like EPIC and Cerner

Explore details about Integrations and learn about our partnerships that fuel pharmacy data and patient education.

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Therigy® Partners with University of Virginia to Create Interoperability Between their Specialty Pharmacy Patient Therapy Management System, TherigySTM, and EHR System, Epic

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Baptist Health South Florida Selects Therigy® EHR Integration Solution to Create Interoperability Within Their Health System

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