Press Release: Therigy Introduces New Patient Medication Financial Assistance Lookup Tool within TherigySTM to Enhance Specialty Pharmacy’s Referral Process

Orlando, FL, May 11, 2021 –Therigy®, the trusted provider for specialty pharmacy therapy management software and services, announced today the launch of a new patient medication financial assistance lookup tool within TherigySTM. 

This enhancement provides an all-in-one solution for specialty pharmacies as they onboard and manage their patients in the referral process. With TherigySTM’s new financial assistance lookup tool, pharmacy staff gains access to medication financial assistance programs available from drug manufacturers and foundations, thereby streamlining the pharmacy workflow and improving patients’ start of therapy. 

“We are excited to roll out TherigySTM’s new financial assistance lookup tool today,” stated Joe Morse. “This new enhancement to our platform empowers our customers to seamlessly access and enroll patients into financial assistance programs, and most importantly, improves patient access to life saving medications.”

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About Therigy

Therigy, LLC, an affiliate of CPS Solutions, LLC, provides patient-focused specialty therapy management software and services. Therigy equips pharmacy stakeholders with the tools to standardize and scale patient management programs—with a depth and consistency of clinical care not possible before—helping them to grow their patient population, deliver value-based outcomes, gain insights into evolving patient needs, and predict therapy trends.