Press Release: Therigy Develops Innovative, Technology-Driven, Specialty Pharmacy Reporting Tool To Track and Prove Quantifiable Pharmacy Value and Patient-Reported Outcomes

May 29, 2019

Maitland, FL, May 29, 2019 ( -Therigy®, the trusted source for specialty pharmacy technology, consulting, and outcomes, announced today the launch of a new robust reporting tool, TherigyInsights. TherigyInsights is a state-of-the-art reporting tool that enables specialty pharmacies to monitor and prove quantifiable value in caring for patients. With TherigyInsights, specialty pharmacies are now able to view, build, download, and schedule comprehensive value-based reports like never before.

This extensive reporting tool is found within TherigySTM, the industry-leading patient management software developed by Therigy. Using TherigySTM, specialty pharmacies can document patient interventions, adherence, referral activity, and patient-reported outcomes.  TherigyInsights organizes therapy and patient data collected through TherigySTM to create elegant and insightful visualizations to better understand pharmacy operations, quantify value, improve patient retention and adherence, and effectively monitor each patient’s journey.  

Within TherigyInsights, pharmacies can easily monitor and report on their team’s activities in providing meaningful interventions; quickly make staffing decisions based on activity trends and growth, track each patient’s therapy reasons to impact and improve patient retention risk, adherence, and quality of care; help diagnose challenges, rescue patients and quickly evaluate patient case history.

As stakeholder reporting requirements become more tedious to manage, pharmacies can now effortlessly pull reports needed for URAC, payor, pharma, and GPO requirements. Pharmacies can also build custom reports and dashboards instantly generating visual charts, graphics, and maps to present data in clear and impactful ways. 

“TherigyInsights is an evolutionary improvement to our pharmacy.  It functions as a dashboard to monitor pharmacy and patient performance and also serves as a tool to neatly organize, present, and analyze data,” states Justin Campbell, Pharm.D., Director of Pharmacy, UC Health. “This allows me to make meaningful decisions that can immediately have a positive impact on our patient lives.”

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About Therigy

Therigy, LLC, an affiliate of CPS Solutions, LLC, provides patient-focused specialty therapy management software and services. Therigy equips pharmacy stakeholders with the tools to standardize and scale patient management programs—with a depth and consistency of clinical care not possible before—helping them to grow their patient population, deliver value-based outcomes, gain insights into evolving patient needs, and predict therapy trends.