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Case Study: Mobile Enabled Patient Messaging Improves PDC and Patient Contact Rates

Value Specialty Pharmacy leverages TherigySTM's mobile-enabled patient messaging to reach their patients during a global pandemic.

COVID-19 has resulted in an increased reliance on technology to connect and manage patient
therapy. Pharmacies depend on technology more than ever to:
  • Manage a large number of outbound calls
  • Improve access for all patients
  • Meet accreditation standards

The majority of health system specialty pharmacy teams work in integrated models where the staff has the advantage of interacting with patients inside the clinic or by telephone. Independent
specialty pharmacies, on the other hand, rely on telephone calls to reach patients. Pharmacy
operation data shows that patient contact rate runs in the range of 70-90% via telephone to
various patient populations. Expanded technology use can be greatly helpful for interaction with
patients and is critical for patient adherence.

By employing TherigySTM’s mobile-enabled patient messaging, Value Specialty Pharmacy has seen improvement in their PDC rate and patient contact rates. 

Download the detailed case study in the pop-up form below to find out just how much Value Specialty Pharmacy's patient contact rate and PDC improved thanks to  TherigySTM's mobile-enabled patient messaging functionality.

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