Manage Financial Assistance Better than Ever Before

Therigy has developed a Financial Assistance Lookup Tool to easily access patient financial assistance programs and funds all in one place. 


Find the Best Drug Programs for Your Patients with Ease

TherigySTM provides a seamless solution for managing your patients' financial assistance. Look up available programs and your patients' corresponding eligibility in one place, with immediate data population in TherigySTM's Referral Manager and the patients' profiles.


Seamless Financial Assistance Info

The Financial Assistance Lookup tool combs through coupons/manufacturer copay, patient assistance programs, foundations, bridges, and free trials that help you quickly and easily register your patients for the best programs available to them.


Complete Access Under One Platform

Therigy's Financial Assistance Lookup tool is built within TherigySTM's Referral Manager to give your pharmacy access to document patients referrals, eligibility, and financial assistance all in one place.  


Compare Programs and Manufacturers

Easily look up 1200+ drug-specific  programs and foundations available across 450+ therapeutic areas. Identify the best fit for your patients based on manufacturer, type of assistance, eligibility, and available funds. 

Explore the Complete Referral Manager Picture

Financial Assistance Lookup Tool is a part of Referral Manager within TherigySTM

You can easily see the whole picture of your patients' referral, prior authorization, benefits investigation and more all in one place.


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Find the Right Financial Assistance Programs for Your Patients 

Get Timely and Specific Alerts on Financial Assistance Programs Right When They Open Up.

Cut down on time-intensive searches and ensures patients have access to time-sensitive assistance programs. Alerts appear live in TherigySTM in a new alert center as well as in messages sent directly to the user's email. Within the alert message, the user will be able to see patients that qualify for the fund and enroll them into the program via a link that redirects right to the resource.

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