Therigy COVID-19 Response


Official Statement & Resources for Your Pharmacy

As our world navigates this unprecedented health crisis, we know many of you are short-staffed and working tirelessly to manage high-risk patients with complex therapies. 

Therigy wants to send a sincere thank you from our family to yours for your dedication in caring for these patients every day. Therigy is your trusted partner for specialty pharmacy therapy management, and as a SaaS company, we want to enable more of your staff to continue to provide high quality care to your patients. 

As of April 1 2020, Therigy has made available the following new resources to its customers in TherigySTM:

Patient ICD-10 Code


The ICD-10 code for COVID-10 (U07.1) has been added to TherigySTM.  

You may wish to add this as an “Other diagnosis” for patients you treat for other conditions, or if your pharmacy dispenses medications to treat COVID-19. This ICD-10 code was approved for use beginning April 1, 2020.


COVID-19 Assessment Questions


NEW COVID-19 Questions within Therigy's Clinical Intervention Activities.

Report Builder Licenses


Two (2) additional TherigyInsights Report Builder licenses for free until June 30, 2020. 


Simply complete the following request via the following link: TherigyInsights Report Builder License Request and these additional licenses will be activated at no cost. 


New TherigyInsights Report Dashboards


Patient Messaging and Staff Productivity report dashboards are now available.

  • Patient Messaging will give you insight into the number of mobile-enabled assessments your patients have answered.
  • Staff Productivity can help you report how productive your staff is at completing activities over a filtered time period.