Integration Between Dispensing and Patient Management Software

  Oct 28, 2019 11:40:20 AM

Greenhill Specialty Pharmacy is an independent retail & specialty pharmacy with five locations in Delaware, NJ and PA. Greenhill supports patients living with Hepatitis C, Dermatology, Injectable Anti-Psychotics, Rheumatoid Arthritis, HIV, Pre-exposure Prophylaxis, Oncology, and Hyperlipidemia throughout their treatment journey across the Mid-Atlantic region.

Jay Patel founded Greenhill Pharmacy in 2015 with a passion to serve the community and provide the exceptional patient care that patients deserve. As Jay has grown his pharmacy over the past 4 years, he’s seen opportunities to provide better disease case management.

Greenhill previously used another patient management platform prior to TherigySTM but found that it was not intuitive enough for their long-term growth and it didn’t have an integration with their dispensing system, PioneerRx.

"“There is no second guessing that TherigySTM has provided our pharmacy with a foundation to be competitive in an industry that requires pharmacies to be data driven, have the highest quality, and support improved clinical outcomes. With the PioneerRx and TherigySTM integration, our lives are tremendously better."

                                                 - Jay Patel, Founder - Greenhill Pharmacy

To find out more about the results of TherigySTM's integration and collaboration with Greenhill Pharmacy's dispensing system, PioneerRx, please fill out the form to the right to download the full detailed case study.